Carrom is a tabletop game of Indian origin. Carrom is played using small disks of wood or plastic known as carrom men. These pieces, aside from the special queen, may also be known as seeds, coins, pawns (as in chess), or pucks. Carrom men are designed to slide when struck and are made with a smooth surface that slides easily when laid flat on the board. They are struck by a Striker of a standard specification which is larger and heavier. Carrom follows similar "strike and pocket" games, like pool, with its use of rebounds, angles, and obstruction of opponent's carrom pieces. A carrom set contains 19 pieces (striker not included) in three distinct colors: one for each player, and another for the queen. The usual colors are white (or unstained) and black for the players and red for the queen. Striker pieces are used to push the carrom men and the queen across the board to the pockets. The red disk is called the queen; it is the most valuable piece. During board setup, it is placed at the center of the circle. In accordance with the ICF rules, pocketing the queen adds 3 points to the player's total score.