Recognized as the most popular sport in the world, football sees teams of 11 players pass, dribble and shoot to score in their opponent's goal.  The group stage is a round-robin with the teams divided into groups of four. The top two teams in each group (plus top two third-place finishers in the women's tournament) advance to the knockout rounds quarterfinals, semi-finals and medal matches. Since 1992, the men's Olympic tournament is limited to players 2.3 and under, with 3 ‘over-age' players per team. This limit has been raised to 24 for Tokyo, to allow players that would have been eligible to compete in 2020 to play in 2021. In the group stage teams earn three points for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss. In knockout stages if tied at full time teams go to 30 minutes of extra time, and a penalty shootout if teams still can’t be separated.