"olympic.mv" created as new official Instagram account for the Maldives Olympic Committee

Malé City, Maldives: The verified Instagram account of Maldives Olympic Committee (MOC) under the name “nocmaldives” has been compromised. MOC was alerted to this, on December 1st, when an incident was detected in which we received a mail to our official email, notifying us of an unknown device attempting to login. MOC made several unsuccessful efforts to recover the official account and official requests were made to the Instagram team asking them to help us reinstate the account. Considering this, on 13 December, MOC created a new Instagram account under the name “olympic.mv”. MOC has managed to update the new Instagram account with all the posts beginning from 2021. With the new Instagram account formally up, we invite all our stakeholders to follow “olympic.mv”. We regret the circumstances that led to this incident and assure all measures have been put in place to prevent such an incident from recurring. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We take this issue very seriously, and we assure that we have taken cautionary measures to enhance the confidentiality of our social media handles. For further information, questions, or concerns, please contact MOC at [email protected].